Forthcoming: “Here, Where We Live” (Rose Metal Press, Fall, 2014) my novella-in-flash (2014)

“My Very End of the Universe” is a celebration of an increasingly popular genre: the novella-in-flash, a novella built of stand-alone flash stories. the mini-novellas in this collection— “Here, Where We Live” by Meg Pokrass, “The Family Dogs” by Chris Bower, “Bell and Bargain” by Margaret Chapman, “Betty Superman” by Tiff Holland and “Shampoo Horns” by Aaron Teel— are compact and specific, yet whole and universal, using the flexibility of the form to offer a polyphony of setting and emotion. Accompanying each mini-novella-in-flash is a craft essay by the author exploring the form.header-logo

“Bird Envy” lands



Bird Envy is a small book of new micros and flash. It is available only from the Harvard Book Store and catalog.

“Sassy, sexy and smart, Meg Pokrass’s flash stories are addictive for their startling leaps of an imagination brilliantly at play.” – Pamela Painter, author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know (Carnegie Mellon University Press), 3-time Pushcart Prize winner, Emerson College Writing Faculty

“Meg Pokrass is the new monarch of the delightful and enigmatic tiny kingdom of micro- and flash fiction. If you want to get close to a definition of this hard-to-define, endlessly variable new form, just read Pokrass’ own stories. It’s all there.” – Brad Watson, Assoc. Professor of Fiction, University of Wyoming MFA Program, and author of Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives