Strange and Challenging Online Flash Workshop

July 1 – August 1 I’ll be giving a  challenging prompt-driven flash fiction writing workshop in 2 secret Facebook groups from July 1 – August 1, 2017. Details: $80 for 4 weeks Where: The workshop will be held in 2 separate Facebook groups. You can access these groups here after you sign up and pay […]

“America” (poem) in Rattle

Read “America” About “America” “Last week someone asked me what topic I never want to see again in a poem and without hesitation I said, “Trump’s America.” I’m so sick of Trump’s America poems. I’ve been reading about 50 of them a week for the last year and a half—and that’s not an exaggeration. Over […]

Meg’s Magical Mid-May Writing Workshop

From May 18 – June 18 Where: Courses will be taught in a private Facebook Group Description: I’ll post a prompt/exercise 2 times per week from May 15-June 15. Students will write and share their stories with others in the workshop. Group members will be able to comment (give feedback) on all stories. However, we […]

Trying Not To

Write a story in which the main character is trying not to do something and is fighting a very tough uphill battle. For example, write a story about a person who is trying to resist the urge to smoke. Let’s see the struggle.

Song Prompt

Choose a title of a song you recently heard.  Then, remember 5 words from the song. Write a story that incorporates both the title of the story (or you can use the title of the song as the working-title)  and try to use at least 5 words from that song. The story doesn’t have to […]

Weird Facts That You Remember

Write a story that incorporates random facts that you remember. This William Stafford poem sets a nice example: Things I Learned Last Week by William Stafford Ants, when they meet each other, usually pass on the right. Sometimes you can open a sticky door with your elbow. A man in Boston has dedicated himself to […]