A Story of Found Sentences

Select 25 or so interesting sentences from a variety of different sources—the more unlikely, the better: newspaper articles, to-go menus, instruction manuals, long & boring direct marketing e-mails, etc.  Sprinkle the sentences you find into one of your own compositions or write connective tissue between the strange combinations of ideas. Make sense of chaos, but […]

Flash Fiction International (W.W.Norton & Co.) is out!

I’m humbled to have a flash included in the Norton anthology. What is a flash fiction called in other countries? In Latin America it is a micro, in Denmark kortprosa, in Bulgaria mikro razkaz. These short shorts, usually no more than 750 words, range from linear narratives to the more unusual: stories based on mathematical […]

Featured in Five Points Literary Magazine

Bobbie Ann Mason and I are featured writers in Five Points Magazine, they are showcasing five of our collaborative humor works and a craft discussion. We share this amazing issue with late poet, Philip Levine, Billy Collins, and Jane Hirschfield. ORDER THE MAGAZINE HERE