“America” a poem at Rattle

ReadAmerica” at Rattle

“Last week someone asked me what topic I never want to see again in a poem and without hesitation I said, “Trump’s America.” I’m so sick of Trump’s America poems. I’ve been reading about 50 of them a week for the last year and a half—and that’s not an exaggeration. Over 3,000 Trump poems like an assault on my brain. I think readers are getting a little tired of them, too. But then, still, you inevitably read the 3,001st, by Meg Pokrass, and have that little flash of goosebumps feeling that comes with a good poem, especially one with a really good last line. So you can’t help but publish it. I also love the dreamy, sleepwalking feeling.” -Timothy Green, Rattle Editor

Bothering Your Characters

Bothering Your Characters – The Flash Fiction of Conflict

“Make up a story, screw around with it, paste junk on it, needle the characters, make them say queer stuff, go bad places, insert new people at inopportune moments, do some drive-bys.” – Frederick Barthelme

The 4-week course will be held in 2 secret Facebook groups. Details: $80 for 4 weeks. Dates: November 10th – December 10th, 2017.

For more information or to sign up for this course you can e-mail me with subject line “Bothering Your Characters Workshop” at megpokrass (at) gmail (dot) com.

House, Car, or Town

Write a story in which a house, car, or town is a passive but important character.

For example: In the film “Little Miss Sunshine” the dysfunctional van (that the whole family had to push) was one of the most lovable, reliably flawed characters.