Write Or Die

Autopilot: Don’t think about what you are writing, write as much as you can as fast you can without any editing or worry about grammar, spelling, story arc, or logic. Do it for as long as possible: one hour, two hours, three hours: don’t look back don’t look up.

Dramatic Stakes

Write about a situation in which the stakes are very high, but don’t let the characters speak of it. Have them act as normally or even blandly as possible, given that something is happening all around them. They’ll want to find some kind of normalcy in the chaos. You as the narrator can write about […]

Nov 6th Word Prompt

Try to use as many of these words as you can. Write about two people who seem to not belong together. Resplendent, Dandy, Peckish, Sniffle, Antique, Outspread, Crest, Hiss

Novel in 12 Paragraphs

Instead of writing about a moment in time in your flash story, write about an entire world in 12 paragraphs…  That is, write a novel in one or two pages.

4th Day – Contradictory Exercise

Take a story you have already written that was never finished or that you do not like very much (a story which seems to be lacking something). With each sentence, in some way substitute opposite words or feelings for the source text. For example: “I went to the gym” becomes “I went for a smoke”;  […]

November 1

Write a story composed partially of misheard song lyrics, clichés, overheard conversations, news headlines, menu items, etc. You can launch off with “I remember..” or “It had something to do with…” Use any of the following words if you can: Grandma, Rocking, Dusty, Burnt, Brave

Oct 2nd Prompt – The Restaurant

A character undergoing some kind of life difficulty is at a restaurant. The restaurant brings back memories. Don’t let the reader know what is happening in the character’s life, but let the reader know what the character smells, tastes, hears, sees.