Song Prompt

Choose a title of a song you recently heard.  Then, remember 5 words from the song. Write a story that incorporates both the title of the story (or you can use the title of the song as the working-title)  and try to use at least 5 words from that song. The story doesn’t have to […]

Repeated Phrases

Use repeated phrases in every line to fool the critic. You do not have to keep them, you can edit them out! Some good ones are: “It may have had something to do with…” “I remember” “In the beginning” “I’m thinking of” “Because”.. etc etc.

Obsessions #1

Obsessions are great to work with. Pick a few of them, and in this exercise, pontificate. Write in long, run-on sentences. Try to write about 3 of your obsessions. For example: A home you once lived in, your strange nose, money, someone you can’t forgive.. these are examples. Go crazy with many specific, vivid details. […]

Love and Hate

Love and hate are wonderful emotions to work with in stories. Even better… BOTH. Write about a situation your character finds herself in in which she/he both loves and hates someone or something she’s presented with. These prompts are free. In return, I hope that writers and teachers who use these prompts in (and out […]

Glowing review of The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down

The Short Story Review (Flash Fiction): ‘The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down’ by Meg Pokrass  The Short Story  August 3, 2016  0  Reviews  book review, creative writing, Flash Fiction, Flash Fiction Interview, literature, literature reviews, publishers, publishing, reading, review, Short Fiction, writing  Like   Review by Rupert Dastur   To open the cover of this slim but mighty book, is to step into a boxing ring with a champion of […]

Feb 8, 2016 Prompt

Make something with these words.. limping, realtor, driving, sexfest, warty Try to use all of the given prompt words. Make sure that there is an animal in your story, somewhere..