I am a flash fiction author, editor and teacher from California, now living in the UK. I run online workshops that get results for new and established writers. I frequently publish new pieces in literary magazines & e-zines.

Recent Books

The Dog Seated Next To Me (Pelekinesis Press)

“In the universe of Meg Pokrass’s fictions, planets are gloriously misaligned, stars and suns trail love and desperate sadness, black holes serve up dogs, spiders, cats, and galaxies explode everything we thought we knew about the human heart. It is an ever-expanding universe. No other like it.”
— Pamela Painter, author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know

“The stories of Meg Pokrass are like beautiful bruises. I read them and ache. Sparse, poetic, insightful, and always astonishing. This is writing that makes you feel alive.”
— Angela Readman, author of Something Like Breathing

“To enter the portals of Pokrassland is to go on a magical journey…Unpredictable, funny and charming, the world Meg Pokrass builds in The Dog Seated Next to Me is a location readers will enter gladly and, mesmerised, they will most definitely want to stay.”
— Nuala O’Connor, author of Joyride to Jupiter and Becoming Belle

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Alligators At Night (Ad Hoc Fiction)

“The nuanced tonal complexity, which can go from the whimsical to a darker irony in the turn of a phrase, has been a signature feature of the work of Meg Pokrass. That complexity is, in her new collection, Alligators at Night, heightened further by the fertile invention and unpredictable interplay of these beautifully crafted pieces.”
— Stuart Dybek, author of Ecstatic Cahoots

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Writing Workshops

All of the online workshops I lead are conducted on Facebook, in a dedicated private group. Over a two-week period, participants receive original exercises created by me to get your creative juices flowing!

Former workshop participants’ stories have been published in The New York Times, Smokelong Quarterly, Wigleaf, Jellyfish Review, Cincinatti Review, formercactus, Atticus Review, Matchbook, and many more.

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