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"Meg Pokrass writes like a brain looking for a body. Wonderful, dark, unforgiving." — Frederick Barthelme

Childhood Truths

Here is a story called The Bug Man, originally published by Tin House, from the collection ‘Alligators At Night’  Write a story inspired by inventive childhood truths, whatever that means to you. Show us who your child character is by what they believe in. Write this one in first person. See if you can incorporate…
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Quirky Details

Here is an example of this kind of story, “Probably, I’ll Marry You” <READ IT HERE from my new flash collection Alligators At Night.   When you read “Probably, I’ll Marry You”, keep in mind that without unusual character details, we’d never see the kind of romantic dilemma the main character is in!  See if you…
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What Is vs. What Isn’t

WHAT IS VS. WHAT ISN’T Write a story about something that doesn’t feel right, but comes so close to feeling right. This could be about a romantic relationship, or a time in life that almost feels like something ALMOST working is about to fail. The idea is to write about the balance between what IS…
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