Animal Entrance

Write about a situation which involves intense conflict. At some point, an animal (of some kind) enters the scene. A dog or cat can do wonders for atmosphere. The important part is that in some way, the animal changes the energy a bit. Don’t make it obvious or corny. Let us see how people change (for better or worse) by the presence of an animal.

In Denial

Write a story in the first person in which an unreliable narrator is in denial about their inconvenient feelings for another character. The denial can be about feelings of love, anger, distrust.. anything. Here are prompt words: uniform, kitchen, chicken skin, soak, cracked, notion.

Multitasking disease

Write a piece about someone who is trying to juggle 4 tasks at once.  Try to incorporate these words:
dog, fire, finger, french fries, sandal, argumentmultitasking-2-1024x675

Stepping Stones/ Leaping Off Points

First half of your freewrite: Begin each sentence with the following fragments: “Thank God for…” or “If it weren’t for…” or “Luckily…” “I remember.”  Write as much as you can using these.

574b4afd2febb5c57cafc780b4ee6c81Second half: Change gears. Start your sentences with new fragments: “Unfortunately…” or “The crazy part is that…” “They say that..” “And that is why…

I have attempted the exercise, and the result is below. In editing, I have smoothed things out a bit.

After the Divorce (working title)

Thank God there are so many old photographs of us in the boxes you sent. If it weren’t for those I would have to remember how we dressed, how we looked. Luckily, I can see you as if I just met you again, how beautiful you are, your unused smile curling up.

Unfortunately, I am alone here staring at a takeout menu, not knowing what it is I feel like eating. The crazy part is that I have not even tried to make my place homey. They say that it is when a person has  forgotten how to experience pleasure that they need pleasure








Emotional Survival Technique

Write a piece in which a character is trying desperately to forgive someone or something. The struggle to do so is what the reader will find interesting. People do often try to forgive despite everything.. It’s a survival tool.

List of words to try and incorporate: twitch, lungs, tapioca, frown, stench, fluid, trunk

Repeated Phrases

Use repeated phrases in every line to fool the critic. You do not have to keep them, you can edit them out! Some good ones are: “It may have had something to do with…” “I remember” “In the beginning” “I’m thinking of” “Because”.. etc etc.