A Story of Found Sentences

Select 25 or so interesting sentences from a variety of different sources—the more unlikely, the better: newspaper articles, to-go menus, instruction manuals, long & boring direct marketing e-mails, etc.  Sprinkle the sentences you find into one of your own compositions or write connective tissue between the strange combinations of ideas. Make sense of chaos, but don’t make too much sense or you’ll ruin the magic.  Combine (whatever it is) into a flash fiction or prose poem, sifting and re-sifting and editing/deleting like a cook in the kitchen until something interesting surfaces. Let this exercise guide you directly into the story that you have wanted to write.c1c37fd03a778a2bade3a3a2622f9376

Flash Fiction International (W.W.Norton & Co.) is out!

I’m humbled to have a flash included in the Norton anthology.

What is a flash fiction called in other countries? In Latin America it is a micro, in Denmark kortprosa, in Bulgaria mikro razkaz. These short shorts, usually no more than 750 words, range from linear narratives to the more unusual: stories based on mathematical forms, a paragraph-length novel, a scientific report on volcanic fireflies that proliferate in nightclubs. Flash has always—and everywhere—been a form of experiment, of possibility. A new entry in the lauded Flash and Sudden Fiction anthologies, this collection includes 86 of the most beautiful, provocative, and moving narratives by authors from six continents, including best-selling writer Etgar Keret, Zimbabwean writer Petina Gappah, Korean screenwriter Kim Young-ha, Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz, and Argentinian “Queen of the Microstory” Ana María Shua, among many others. These brilliantly chosen stories challenge readers to widen their vision and celebrate both the local and the universal.

Preorder the book here. 

More award news!

Wow, it has been quite a month for me. I’m honored to have won the Blue Light Book Award a few weeks ago, and San Francisco’s fabulous Blue Light Press will be publishing my manuscript of prose poetry Cellulose Pajamas, my manuscript The Smell of Good Luck is one of 10 finalists (out of 500 entries!) for Black Lawrence Press’ prestigious Black River Chapbook award, and a flash fiction piece called “Round Women” just became a finalist for The Eric Hoffer Foundation’s prestigious Gover Prize, and will appear in Best New Writing 2015! Sheesh!