Stepping Stones/ Leaping Off Points

First half of your freewrite: Begin each sentence with the following fragments: “Thank God for…” or “If it weren’t for…” or “Luckily…” “I remember.”  Write as much as you can using these.

574b4afd2febb5c57cafc780b4ee6c81Second half: Change gears. Start your sentences with new fragments: “Unfortunately…” or “The crazy part is that…” “They say that..” “And that is why…

I have attempted the exercise, and the result is below. In editing, I have smoothed things out a bit.

After the Divorce (working title)

Thank God there are so many old photographs of us in the boxes you sent. If it weren’t for those I would have to remember how we dressed, how we looked. Luckily, I can see you as if I just met you again, how beautiful you are, your unused smile curling up.

Unfortunately, I am alone here staring at a takeout menu, not knowing what it is I feel like eating. The crazy part is that I have not even tried to make my place homey. They say that it is when a person has  forgotten how to experience pleasure that they need pleasure