The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down (Etruscan Press, 2016)

enhanced-buzz-24383-1360508984-0“Pokrass writes like a brain in search of a body.” – Frederick Barthelme


Two competing adolescent friends bark at the neighborhood dogs while stoned and rollerskating at night, an abandoned woman compares a lost love to the iridescent look of cat urine, a middle-aged divorcee fantasizes about her virtual sea-captain-lover while staring at a robotic touch-and-talk parrot…these are snapshots of the first four stories of “The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down” a collection of forty –nine stories by Meg Pokrass.

With these stories, Pokrass’ second full collection, we are offered flash fiction truffles. Each story in this collection is bursting with spice, ready to be swallowed whole. Direct, brave, funny, achingly personal, darkly humorous and sad, these stories linger and pull, begging to be reread many times. We feel that she is doing literary flips while wearing Groucho Marx glasses. Pokrass is trickster, a shape-shifter, a writer who chronicles the maladies of the modern world, and who makes us laugh.

The trick with flash fiction is compression. Creating what William Blake suggests, “the world in a grain of sand,” in 100 words, in 500 words, or even 1,000 words.  People wonder: in that short space, can you tell a story with  characters you care about? For Pokrass, the answer is yes.

Short-shorts. Flash fiction. Whatever you call them… Pokrass is their queen. In a market that bullies a short story writers to crank out novels instead, Pokrass goes even shorter, firm in her commitment to keep it tight. While many literature lovers have enjoyed one or two brilliant short-shorts, few have read a whole book of them.

contact: megpokrass (at) gmail (dot) com for pre-publication interviews.


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