The nuanced tonal complexity, which can go from the whimsical to a darker irony in the turn of a phrase, has been a signature feature of the work of Meg Pokrass.” Stuart Dybek, Author of Ecstatic Cahoots

“In the universe of Meg Pokrass’ fictions, planets are gloriously misaligned, stars and suns trail love and desperate sadness, black holes serve up dogs, spiders, cats, and galaxies explode everything we thought we knew about the human heart.”-Pamela Painter, author of Ways to Spend the Night

“To enter the portals of Pokrassland is to go on a magical journey: here there are sex-charged buffalo men and melancholic women who fear six-foot spiders and fall in love with their therapists. It’s a place where people make bald statements and odd connections, where there are strange animals, purple stars and ‘a deep-ruby moon’. Unpredictable, funny and charming, the world Meg Pokrass builds is a location readers will enter gladly and, mesmerised, they will most definitely want to stay. -Nuala OConnor, author of NORA and Becoming Belle

“The people in these stories need Meg Pokrass. Their lives are tough but her imagination is the fire-lasso that can save them, save us. Here, strange and normal go hand-in-hand, a marriage that explains nothing but makes so much clear.”Bob Hicok, author of This Clumsy Living

“Serious and witty, mysteical and dark, Pokrass’ poems are small windows into another world. But not quite. I find myself wanting more, always a little more of her work. Pokrass leads her reader on, page by page, enticing them with her beautiful and dream-like language. –Nin Andrews, author of The Book of Orgasms