Spinning To Mars

A collection of 70 linked micro stories about relationships and the difficulties of love. Winner of San Francisco’s Blue Light Book Award, 2021. Published by Blue Light Press.

The Loss Detector

Set in coastal California, The Loss Detector is a funny/sad portrait of teenage blues and of a small, transplanted family of non-conformists. The flawed but lovable characters in Pokrass’ novella remind us of how the world’s most beautiful places are not always the easiest in which to thrive. Moments of giddy, perceived freedom set against resignation dot the narrative in such a way that will leave you changed.

The Dog Seated Next To Me

“Meg Pokrass achieves so much deep characterization in such a tight space that she is like an architect of tiny houses that allow her characters to live full lives in extremely small spaces.”
—Aimee Parkison, Rain Taxi

Writer and Teacher

Meg Pokrass

Meg Pokrass is an award-winning writer of flash fiction, prose poetry, and hybrid work. She is the founder of New Flash Fiction Review and co-founder of the Best Microfiction series. Her generative workshops and prompts are acclaimed for their ability to spark creativity and open new doors.

Meg Pokrass

Select Works

Kissing the Monster Hunter Cover

Kissing the Monster Hunter

Kissing the Monster Hunter is a new chapbook about monster hunters, unseen monsters, perpetual dreamers, and the creatures (human and otherwise) who love them. The unmissable prose poems and micros in this collection thrust us into an alternate reality where hope, love, and intimacy, when gone unrecognized, become a mystical force to be reckoned with.

The House of Grana Padano

Two modern masters of the fabulist micro, Meg Pokrass and Jeff Friedman, stretch language like magicians who are deep into their most amazing acts, creating elusive personas who can mime love, hate, anger or sorrow.

Damn Sure Right

This debut collection of eighty-four tales is sure to “ruin your waking hours the way you’ll want them ruined” (Kyle Minor).


“The nuanced tonal complexity, which can go from the whimsical to a darker irony in the turn of a phrase, has been the signature feature of the work of Meg Pokrass.”

- Stuart Dybek

Upcoming Workshop

June 2-4, 2023

Tiny Windows: An ekphrastic microfiction workshop co-taught with Meg Pokrass and Lorette C. Luzajic

Join Meg Pokrass and Lorette C. Luzajic for a generative workshop writing tiny stories. Using the idea of windows, we’ll be looking outside and looking inside, mining famous and forgotten windows in visual art to inspire and provoke your next micros. Our workshops give you positive space to explore, experiment, stretch your imagination, try out new voices and styles, get creative, and have fun. Peer discussion and feedback and positive, constructive suggestions from Meg and Lorette will help you launch brilliant new stories!

$135 USD