Cellulose Pajamas (Blue Light Poetry Award winner)

In a smattering of sassy, wry words Meg Pokrass creates a universe of love in Cellulose Pajamas.  These sexy but wistful prose poems hint at entire constellations of affections, relationships at once sweet, sad, satisfying—and not.  The poet’s delicately surreal metaphors give her poems so enticing an air that they seem to wear perfume.  Care to lounge about dressed in greens?  Try on Meg Pokrass’s splendid Cellulose Pajamas.
– Molly Peacock, Author of The Second Blush

Serious and witty, mystical and dark, Pokrass’ poems are small windows into another world, a world which is almost this world.  But not quite. I find myself wanting more, always a little more of her work.  One short poem, one small collection, it is never enough.  In short, and in her very short and masterful pieces, Pokrass leads her readers on, page by page, enticing them with her beautiful and dream-like language.  Pokrass’ writes books you want on your nightstand to read not once, but again and again.
– Nin Andrews, Author of The Book of Orgasms, Spontaneous Breasts, Why They Grow Wings, Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane, Sleeping with Houdini, and Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum.

I have admired Meg Pokrass’s work for a long time—Damn Sure Right and Bird Envy among other books.  Cellulose Pajamas contains that same bold quality: stories painful and joyful at once.  Meg Pokrass proves once again that she can write an epic on the head of a pin!”
John Skoyles, poetry editor, Ploughshares. Author of A Little Faith; Permanent Change; Definition of the Soul and The Situation, A Moveable Famine and The Nut File

Meg Pokrass has the gift of a fluid imagination. Strange and beautiful prose poems pour across the pages of her new book in a confluence of the surreal and the mundane. It’s as if Raymond Carver and Russell Edson had collaborated on these fine poems, which manage to be fierce and vulnerable at the same time.  Cellulose Pajamas is a moving, haunting, riveting book.
– Ellery Akers, Author of Practicing the Truth, and Knocking on the Earth

Prose poems require a particular intensity to be truly successful. Pokrass has no problem with that constraint. This book is a breathtaking as racing a car. There isn’t a single one of these fireworks that doesn’t completely satisfy. One of those few writers who can handle this form with grace and room after room full of magic.
– D.R. Wagner author of 20 books and chapbooks of poetry and letters (Rattlesnake Press)