FUNNY FLASH FICTION online Workshop, Feb 1 – Mar 1

Tired of your own heart-breaking stories? Enough drama already? Here you go: My very first FUNNY FLASH FICTION online Workshop, Feb 1 – Mar 1 . This will be a one-month course with a flexible time schedule to accommodate busy writers with day jobs. 600 words max. I’ll assign 8 total exercises designed to bring out the humor in your writing. As always, there will be peer and instructor feedback. We’ll be reading stories from FUNNYBONE–FLASHING FOR COMIC RELIEF, a new anthology of humorous flash fiction co-edited by Ash Chantler and Peter Blair. I’ll ask all participants have a copy of this wonderful anthology. Here is the link to order that anthology directly from the editors.

The workshop costs $100 for first time students, $90 for anyone who has taken a workshop with me in the past. As always, this course will be held on 2 dedicated private Facebook groups. Please let me know asap if you’re interested.

“America” a poem at Rattle

ReadAmerica” at Rattle

“Last week someone asked me what topic I never want to see again in a poem and without hesitation I said, “Trump’s America.” I’m so sick of Trump’s America poems. I’ve been reading about 50 of them a week for the last year and a half—and that’s not an exaggeration. Over 3,000 Trump poems like an assault on my brain. I think readers are getting a little tired of them, too. But then, still, you inevitably read the 3,001st, by Meg Pokrass, and have that little flash of goosebumps feeling that comes with a good poem, especially one with a really good last line. So you can’t help but publish it. I also love the dreamy, sleepwalking feeling.” -Timothy Green, Rattle Editor