The Flash Fiction Of Everyday Objects Workshop Starting

Need a writing boost? Consider my very first online “The Flash Fiction Of Everyday Objects” workshop from October 3- November 1st. The course will be held in a closed Facebook group. Details: $80 for 4 weeks. For more information or to sign up for this course you can e-mail me with subject line “Everyday Object […]

Surreal and Dreamy Flash Fiction Workshop Begins Oct. 3

Back by popular demand, Meg’s “Surreal and Dreamy” online flash fiction workshop will begin again October 3rd and runs through November 1st. Need a writing boost? Consider enrolling in Meg’s  “Surreal and Dreamy” Workshop” from October 3- November 1st. Strange, original prompts will be provided by Meg P! The flash fiction course will be held […]

Trying Not To

Write a story in which the main character is trying not to do something and is fighting a very tough uphill battle. For example, write a story about a person who is trying to resist the urge to smoke. Let’s see the struggle.

Song Prompt

Choose a title of a song you recently heard.  Then, remember 5 words from the song. Write a story that incorporates both the title of the story (or you can use the title of the song as the working-title)  and try to use at least 5 words from that song. The story doesn’t have to […]

Weird Facts That You Remember

Write a story that incorporates random facts that you remember. This William Stafford poem sets a nice example: Things I Learned Last Week by William Stafford Ants, when they meet each other, usually pass on the right. Sometimes you can open a sticky door with your elbow. A man in Boston has dedicated himself to […]

Holidays and the Unexpected

We all know that holidays bring unexpected moments. In my family, usually the toilet broke, or the dog would somehow devour the best part of our celebratory supper. In my first marriage, we’d always have a huge fight on Valentine’s Day. We actually came to expect it. Write a story about a holiday brimming with […]