Fold In Nouns and Verbs

Fold these 10 words (5 nouns and 5 verbs) into your freewrite as if you are folding eggwhites into cake batter: Verbs: steer, catch, sputter, push, tighten Nouns: necklace, kitchen, father, zipper, neck    

Novel in 12 Paragraphs

Try to use as many of these words as you can. Write about two people who seem to not belong together. Winsome, Cleave, Resplendent, Dandy, Peckish, Loath, Snide.  

A Story of Found Sentences

Select 25 or so interesting sentences from a variety of different sources—the more unlikely, the better: newspaper articles, to-go menus, instruction manuals, long & boring direct marketing e-mails, etc.  Sprinkle the sentences you find into one of your own compositions or write connective tissue between the strange combinations of ideas. Make sense of chaos, but […]

In Denial

Write a story in the first person in which an unreliable narrator is in denial about their inconvenient feelings for another character. The denial can be about feelings of love, anger, distrust.. anything. Here are prompt words: uniform, kitchen, chicken skin, soak, cracked, notion.  

Multitasking disease

Write a piece about someone who is trying to juggle 4 tasks at once.  Try to incorporate these words: dog, fire, finger, french fries, sandal, argument  

Stepping Stones/ Leaping Off Points

First half of your freewrite: Begin each sentence with the following fragments: “Thank God for…” or “If it weren’t for…” or “Luckily…” “I remember.”  Write as much as you can using these. Second half: Change gears. Start your sentences with new fragments: “Unfortunately…” or “The crazy part is that…” “They say that..” “And that is […]

Contradictory Exericise

Take a story you have already written that was never finished or that you do not like very much (a story which seems to be lacking something). With each sentence, in some way substitute opposite words or feelings for the source text. For example: “I went to the gym” becomes “I went for a smoke”;  […]