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"Meg Pokrass writes like a brain looking for a body. Wonderful, dark, unforgiving." — Frederick Barthelme

Grief as Seen From Below

Read “Stranded Sea Mammals” in Jellyfish Review. Then, write your ownstory about grief, but don’t write about it directly. Write about grief as seen from above or below, or from behind a camera or a safe window.

Warped Success Story

Read “The Big Sleep” in Electric Literature. Then, write your own warped “success story”. Have a lot of fun with this one!

Humps and Bumps

Write a story in which something psychological becomes physical. As an example, read my story “Dowager’s Hump” in Litro. Don’t shy away from making this comic. Tragic situations often appear absurd. This story appears in my new collectioni “Alligators At Night”

Vulnerability Buzzard

Write a story in which a character is vulnerable and another characters senses this and takes advantage of the situation. However, do NOT make the 2nd character “evil”, give that character depth. “Bad people” (even criminals) don’t see themselves as bad. In fact, they sometimes think of themselves as ‘heroic’. For an example, here’s my…
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Holiday Weirdness

Write a story about holiday weirdness. As an example, read “Baking” in Wigleaf, which also appears in my collection ‘Alligators At Night’.