“The Serious Writer” published by University of Leipzig Press/Picador

I’m excited to say that my story “The Serious Writer” will be in a gorgeous anthology called

Roadside Curiosities: Stories about American Pop Culture

published by University of Leipzig Press/Picador

along with stories from the following writers:

10348198_1408451652771527_2366779558485658926_nLydia Millet, Matt Bell, Robin Black, Alice Elliot Dark, Mehrnoosh Mazarei, Alma Garcia, Caitlin Horrocks, Shannon Cain, Tiffany Poremba, Meg Pokrass, Jennine Capó Crucet, Gary Jackson, Michael Martone, Alan Heathcock, Therese Schreiber, Celeste Ng, Kara Waite, Kelcey Parker, Lucy Corin and Anthony Doerr.

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