“The Serious Writer” published by University of Leipzig Press/Picador

I’m excited to say that my story “The Serious Writer” will be in a gorgeous anthology called

Roadside Curiosities: Stories about American Pop Culture

published by University of Leipzig Press/Picador

along with stories from the following writers:

10348198_1408451652771527_2366779558485658926_nLydia Millet, Matt Bell, Robin Black, Alice Elliot Dark, Mehrnoosh Mazarei, Alma Garcia, Caitlin Horrocks, Shannon Cain, Tiffany Poremba, Meg Pokrass, Jennine CapĆ³ Crucet, Gary Jackson, Michael Martone, Alan Heathcock, Therese Schreiber, Celeste Ng, Kara Waite, Kelcey Parker, Lucy Corin and Anthony Doerr.

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