Review of “Alice In Wonderland Syndrome” in Smokelong Quarterly

“These 29 micro stories, which can be read in one sitting, are so interconnected that the effect is of one short story, told in fragments—a fitting format for a meditation on the unraveling of a marriage, with guest stars (dogs, lovers, therapists, the tiger cat, a rat). The compressed power of flash, however, combined with Pokrass’ lyricism, invites the reader to re-read each piece, and unpack each morsel line by line.

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Review of The Dog Seated Next to Me in Tinderbox Poetry

“With multiple timelines that shift readers forward and back throughout the collection, The Dog Seated Next to Me confronts the often messy task of navigating life. This narrative structure of both united as well as standalone flashes allows readers to grapple with their own expectations of what one does after a marriage or relationship ends. What choices can or do we make and how can we reconcile ourselves and others with who we all become? Although we are invited into these stories, it is only for a single standalone moment—a flash, if you will—and then we turn the page and find ourselves stepping into another character’s world.”

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Glowing Review of “The Dog Seated Next to Me” in Rain Taxi!

“One of the marvels of this flash-fiction collection is Pokrass’s ability to create fully realized complex characters in the tradition of literary realism typically associated with longer narratives, even novels. She achieves so much deep characterization in such a tight space that she is like an architect of tiny houses that allow her characters to live full lives in extremely small spaces. The collection buzzes with naked insights on female heterosexual desire. Exploring the complex disconnect between sex and love in the lives of women, Pokrass maps an interior landscape of tenderness and connection between lovers. The need for greater, longer lasting connection means women falling in love keep ending up alone. These stories explore what happens when love doesn’t last or when sex and love become conflicted, in a world where “humans, like amphibious animals, developed ugly traits to protect themselves.” -Aimee Parkison, Book Reviewer

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